Where the Magic (quadrant) Happens – Greg Knieriemen – Ep 108

When it comes to keeping up with the latest IT industry trends, the good, the bad, the things to keep an eye on, how do we even begin to get started when the industry is so large and diverse? There are, however, lots of places we can go to find different opinions and views, vendor … Continue reading Where the Magic (quadrant) Happens – Greg Knieriemen – Ep 108


NetApp stitching it all together

Recently I wrote about how NetApp were showing a commitment to helping businesses adopt new technologies by lowering the barrier for transformation. This was not the only NetApp news in June, On June 18th they made a wide-ranging set of product and strategy announcements, this came alongside analysts IDC re-categorizing their definition of the hyper-converged … Continue reading NetApp stitching it all together

Lowering the transformation barrier

NetApp recently made a couple of technology announcements, nothing new there, companies release new equipment and services all of the time. However, they did catch my attention and not necessarily for the reason you'd expect. Firstly, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Azure NetApp Files service, a first party native file system in the … Continue reading Lowering the transformation barrier