Veeam and a strategic shift

I'm not normally one for writing posts about product updates, vendor press releases and a wide range of great technical bloggers will provide you with all you need. However, occasionally an update does more than just provide additional features and actually starts to address wider strategic challenges. On 22nd January Veeam will make their Q1 … Continue reading Veeam and a strategic shift


Do you need a data strategy?

It's interesting when an idea gets repeated back to you, isn't it? Recently I was hosting a workshop where we discussed the idea of building future data management platforms and policies. One of the constant messages I heard during the workshop was how "IT is only ever seen as a cost". For many this is … Continue reading Do you need a data strategy?

The fast and the intelligent – Glenn Dekhayser & John Woodall – Ep83

It's that most wonderful time of the year, yes, the last Tech Interviews of 2018. For this show, we focus on two of technologies biggest trends, ultra-high performance and the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the core of these technology trends is data, businesses of all types are now realising that there … Continue reading The fast and the intelligent – Glenn Dekhayser & John Woodall – Ep83