Veeam and the art of the portable

I like Veeam as a company, they deliver what they are supposed to and have customers who appreciate the effectiveness and simplicity of their suite of products and how they "just work". The other thing I like about Veeam is their strategic direction, public cloud has changed the technology landscape, not only for those of … Continue reading Veeam and the art of the portable


NetApp stitching it all together

Recently I wrote about how NetApp were showing a commitment to helping businesses adopt new technologies by lowering the barrier for transformation. This was not the only NetApp news in June, On June 18th they made a wide-ranging set of product and strategy announcements, this came alongside analysts IDC re-categorizing their definition of the hyper-converged … Continue reading NetApp stitching it all together

Baselining the Cloud – Christian Beedgen – Ep 102

As more of us move infrastructure to the cloud we come up against an age old IT problem, how do we know if we are getting the best from our cloud investment, we have deployed it following best practice, we have optimised its performance and increasingly have we secured our infrastructure in the way we … Continue reading Baselining the Cloud – Christian Beedgen – Ep 102