Public Cloud and its Tactical Use

The use of Public Cloud continues to grow with organisations of all types moving data and services into SaaS and infrastructure platforms from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. However, what doesn't seem to be happening is the wholesale migration of entire infrastructures, be that because of complexity, cost or lack of suitability. So, … Continue reading Public Cloud and its Tactical Use


Veeam and a strategic shift

I'm not normally one for writing posts about product updates, vendor press releases and a wide range of great technical bloggers will provide you with all you need. However, occasionally an update does more than just provide additional features and actually starts to address wider strategic challenges. On 22nd January Veeam will make their Q1 … Continue reading Veeam and a strategic shift

Looking ahead to 2019 – Dave Russell – Ep84

Welcome to the first Tech Interviews Podcast of 2019, we already have a bunch of shows lined up and ready to go over the next few weeks, covering a wide range of topics including Social Media and the IT Pro, Cloud Native Databases and Cyber Threat Hunting, all coming up soon. But how else do … Continue reading Looking ahead to 2019 – Dave Russell – Ep84