Why the backup 3-2-1 rule matters

It is very common when we talk about technology to focus on the new and exciting stuff, who doesn't want to think about how they use cloud, analytics, Kubernetes and AI, that's where the fun is and there's nothing wrong with that if you're not thinking about those things as part of a strategic look … Continue reading Why the backup 3-2-1 rule matters

Evolution of the data fabric

It's always nice to hear something that validates your own thinking and helps you realise you are on the right track. Recently at NetApp INSIGHT in London, I heard Matt Watts, NetApp's EMEA CTO, do just that as he talked about the evolution of their data fabric. NetApp's data fabric was introduced to the world … Continue reading Evolution of the data fabric

Veeam V10 another step along the way?

It's been a big few weeks for Veeam software, the start of 2020 saw them purchased for $5bn by Insight Partners, a reshuffling of the board which included the stepping down of their co-founders and hot on the heels of this comes the release of V10 of their cornerstone Veeam Availability Suite. Software updates are … Continue reading Veeam V10 another step along the way?