Cloudy Compliance by Default

I've spoken with a lot of people about data compliance, the importance of knowing what data you have, where it is, who is using it and how. This knowledge is not only crucial, but it needs to be integral, a modern data platform should be smart enough to understand data, classify and act upon it … Continue reading Cloudy Compliance by Default

Protecting your data with Office365

Last year I wrote a series of blog posts looking at building a modern data platform one part of which discussed how you could use Office365 as part of your data protection strategy. In this new series of posts I'm going to explore the capabilities inside of 365 in more detail and show how they … Continue reading Protecting your data with Office365

Hunting the cyber threat – Chris Gerritz – Ep87

The ever-evolving cyber threat and how to protect ourselves against It continues to be at the top of the list of priorities for most IT Pros and execs. As technology and our data is more crucial than ever to our day to day operations, the threat of disruption to it and the impact that will … Continue reading Hunting the cyber threat – Chris Gerritz – Ep87