Embracing DevOps with Microsoft – Matt McSpirit – Ep15

This week we explore a bit more DevOps as I chat with Microsoft Tech Evangelist Matt McSpirit.

Matt is based at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and produces lots of great and helpful content in his role as a tech evangelist. He can also be found sharing insights on Channel 9 as well as one of the hosts of the Microsoft “The Ops Team” podcast.

In the first of a two-part chat, we explore Matt’s two current areas of focus, AzureStack which we will cover next week and, in this first part, we get a Microsoft take on the DevOps movement, how they see it, and how it is affecting how Microsoft deliver their own technology to their customers.

We also look at some of the principles you should follow as you look to build a DevOps approach to your business, as well as discussing whether DevOps is something that stretches beyond the world of just software development.

Enjoy the episode;

You can find Matt on Twitter @mattmcspirit

Catch up on the excellent DevOps fundamentals videos on Microsoft Channel 9

Check out the DevOps dimensions videos on channel 9

Want Some DevOps education? – try Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Parts Unlimited Workshops

Hope you enjoyed the episode and next week in Part 2 of my chat with Matt, we look at Microsoft’s on-premises cloud solution AzureStack.

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Release your inner dev child with DevOps – Richard Fennell – Ep 14

This is the second of our series of episodes looking at emerging technology trends and this week we jump in with one of the most high profile, DevOps.

I attended an event recently ran by Microsoft partner Blackmarble discussing building a DevOps practice using Microsoft tools. There was some great stuff covered so after the event I grabbed a little bit of time with Blackmarbles’ Engineering Director Richard Fennell.

I have a fuller BLOG post talking about DevOps coming soon, but it’s fair to say that as a trend and way of working, DevOps, in my opinion, is something well worth understanding. Although DevOps was certainly born from a need to change software development and delivery practices, I personally wouldn’t ignore the topic just because you are not a developer or in IT operations, I think there is an awful lot that we can take from DevOps across all parts of our business as we look to be more efficient and effective in the way we meet challenges.

During our chat we discussed definitions of DevOps, what it is and what It isn’t and why we should look at it, what problems are we solving and we also consider some principles that we need to look at to start building a DevOps practice in our business.

Do enjoy the episode, I think Richard gives a great introduction for those looking to develop an initial understanding of DevOps and also some great practical steps you can take to get started, as I said, don’t think of DevOps as just something for software developers, the development of a DevOps culture across a business can have much more wide ranging benefit than that;

If you want to find out more about Richard, Blackmarble and developing a DevOps practice then check out the following resources;

To find out more about Blackmarble and DevOps try here

For some practical tips, try the Blackmarble BLOGS

And lastly if you want to stalk Richard on Twitter you can find him @richardfennell

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Next week is the first of two episodes speaking with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Matt McSpirit (@mattmcspirit) first up we share more DevOps love as we discuss the Microsoft view and how it’s changing their approach to the world and the following week we look in detail at AzureStack.

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