Solving Data Problems – David Flynn – Ep 100

Back in February I wrote an article for Gestalt IT discussing a recent presentation (at the October 2018 Tech Field Day event) from Hammerspace, a startup company in the field of data management. Their proposition was based on dealing with one of IT's most challenging problems, that of successfully sharing data across multiple locations, be … Continue reading Solving Data Problems – David Flynn – Ep 100


Lowering the transformation barrier

NetApp recently made a couple of technology announcements, nothing new there, companies release new equipment and services all of the time. However, they did catch my attention and not necessarily for the reason you'd expect. Firstly, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Azure NetApp Files service, a first party native file system in the … Continue reading Lowering the transformation barrier

How to prove a concept – Dave Morera– Ep99

One of the biggest challenges that IT Pro's face is trying to evaluate new technology and select the right solution for you. One of the tools available is the use of Proof of Concepts (POC), a POC is a short project to evaluate the suitability of potential solutions. POC's can, when done properly, be a … Continue reading How to prove a concept – Dave Morera– Ep99