VMworld – It’s a Wrap – Ep42

VMware, along with Microsoft, is perhaps the most influential enterprise software company in the industry. VMware and their virtualisation technology has revolutionised the way we deliver IT infrastructure into businesses of all types.

It is not just traditional virtualisation they have made commonplace, the way they have driven the industry to accept our IT infrastructure can be software-defined, has made it more straightforward for us to adopt many of the modern technology platforms, such as cloud.

Today, however, the infrastructure revolution they helped create presents challenges to them, as the broad adoption of cloud and new ways of managing and deploying our infrastructure has led to the question “how do VMware remain relevant in a post virtualisation world?”

The answer is, of course, found by understanding how VMware see those challenges and what their strategic plans are for their own future development. There is no better way of doing that than spending time at their annual technical conference VMworld.

In last week’s show (Was it good for you? – vmworld 2017 – Ep41) we discussed with 4 attendees their views on what they learnt, what VMware shared and what they thought of the strategic messages the heard during the keynotes.

This week, we wrap up our VMworld coverage and a look at the modern VMware with two more insightful discussions.

Firstly, I’m joined by Joel Kaufman ( @TheJoelk on twitter) of NetApp. Joel has had a long relationship with VMware in his time at NetApp and has seen how they have evolved to meet the needs of their business customers and their ever-changing challenges.

We discuss that evolution as well as how NetApp has had to deal with the same challenges, looking at how a “traditional” storage vendor must evolve to continue to remain relevant in a cloud-driven, software-defined world.


To wrap up, I wanted a VMware view of their event and I’m joined by a returning guest to the show and voice of the VMware Virtually Speaking Podcast, Pete Flecha.

We discuss the key messages from the event, VMware’s place in the world, what VMWare on AWS brings and how VMware are getting their “mojo back” by embracing new ways of working with tools such as Kubernetes, delivering deeper security, tying together multiple platforms with their NSX technology and how VMware is giving us the ability to “Software Define All Of The Things”.

Pete gives an enthusiastic insight on how VMware view their own show and how they are going to continue to be extremely relevant in enterprise IT for a long time to come.

If you want to hear more from Pete you can find him on twitter @vPedroArrow and you can keep up with all the latest VMware news with Pete’s excellent podcast here at www.vspeakingpodcast.com.

That completes our wrap-up of VMworld 2017.

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Was it good for you? – vmworld 2017 – Ep41

This time of the year is a busy one for the technology industry as we move into conference season. But are these events worth your while, or are they just an excuse for a few days off and a good time?

I suppose the answer lies in how you spend your time, there is no doubt you can attend these events and just have them as time out of the office and a chance to catch up with friends over a few drinks. But, if you treat these events as that, I think you are missing out.

For me, I always see them as huge opportunities. I can hear a vendors mid and long-term strategy, understand their direction and critically, whether that direction continues to remain relevant to my business and the challenges that I’m facing.

It’s also a great opportunity to educate myself, to learn more about a technology, from an introduction to deep dive and over 3 or 4 days, a chance to learn about a wide range of technologies in a way that a more traditional training course just cannot offer.

While I don’t suggest you spend all of your time in a bar, the chance to network, spend a few days with friends and peers in the industry, to understand the latest challenges they are facing, how they are overcoming them and what’s next, is a priceless part of the event investment.

In this week’s podcast, we explore the value of one of the industries largest conferences VMware’s annual VMworld event. Run over two weeks, one in Las Vegas and the European event in Barcelona, VMworld is one of the largest gatherings of customers, partners and technology vendors in the industry.

Over the next two shows, I get a cross-section of views from those who attended Vegas and Barcelona to hear what they thought of the event, what VMware covered and how well that fits in with their needs and those of the wider enterprise IT market.

In this first show, I talk to 4 attendees about their experience and what they learned.

Becky Elliot – Becky is a Senior Systems Administrator for a US government contractor,  this was Becky’s first VMworld, we discussed how she took the practical approach, taking time to attend sessions with a day to day relevance to her job, as well as having a great time testing her skills at the Hackathon session.

You can follow Becky on twitter @beckylelliott

Mark Carlton040317_0726_Availabilit1.jpgI also catch up with two regular guests, Michael Cade (@MichaelCade1) from Veeam and Mark Carlton (@mcarlton1983) of Concorde IT, both also attending their first VMworld’s, we discuss the strategic messages from the keynotes, look at how VMware is evolving, as the world they have built their success on continues to change and whether the changes they are making are the right ones.

And finally, I chat with Barry Coombes – Barry is the Operations Director at Computerworld Group and unlike my other guests caught up with the Vegas show online, before heading off to Barcelona. We discuss the major announcements from the keynotes as well as the technology he is looking to find out more about in Barcelona. We also talk about Barry’s unique approach to note taking!

You can find Barry on twitter @VirtualisedReal check out his show note doodles here http://www.definetomorrow.co.uk/blog/2017/9/9/vmworld-us-2017-doodles and finally look out for Barry’s own excellent podcast by finding Define Tomorrow in your favourite podcatcher.

Next week I get more views from VMworld, including chatting with VMware’s Pete Flecha for the VMware view of VMworld 2017.

To find out more about VMworld, you can check out their website https://www.vmworld.com/en/us/index.html

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IT Avengers Part Three – Reassembled– Ep40

This week is the third and last of our panel discussions looking at the major challenges facing business IT.  We pick up again with our panel from last week (You can find last weeks show here IT Avengers Part Two – Assemble Again – Ep39).

They continue their debate with a look at how a business vision, without assessment and understanding of the current environment, may well mean you never achieve your end goal.

We also look at skill sets and how our increasingly digital native workforce, may lead us to problems in understanding how to architect our future solutions.

The changing role of the IT consultant also comes under scrutiny, however as that role evolves, the overall aim of ensuring that those wishing to use technology to improve their businesses make the right choices, does not.

We wrap up looking at the future challenges the panel see and how for one of them, decoupling data from infrastructure is living the tech dream!

As a reminder, the panel is;

Ed Morgan a Sales Engineer for Rubrik Inc.

Ed has an extensive IT background having worked for over 10 years as a datacentre technologist across multiple technology platforms. Today Ed has made the leap to a vendor, now working for Rubrik, providing him with a wide view of the industry.

You can find more from Ed on twitter @mo6020 or his blog https://blog.edmorgan.info/

Mick Kehoe is Chief Technologist at Logicalis in Ireland. He is heavily data focused in his role helping his businesses customers to find answers too the many challenges that come with data management, from storing it, to analysing it.

Mick sees a wide range of challenges and working with some of the country’s biggest organisations has a great handle on what is happening to businesses of all types.

Mick is on the twitters @mickehoe

Ruairi McBride is a Technical Account Manager at Arrow ECS. Working with Arrow’s large partner channel, Ruairi gets a fantastic overview of the requirements of a vast spectrum of businesses in the UK and out to a wider global market. With a speciality in storage infrastructures, Ruairi offers great insights into the challenges seen by many of us.

You can find him on twitter @mcbride_ruairi

Jason Benedicic is Principal Consultant for ANS Group, working closely with their large customer portfolio.

Jason has a great experience of working with businesses at all levels, from boardroom to techie, providing him with valuable knowledge from the boardroom business challenge to the nuts and bolts of delivery, allowing him to bring some really valuable knowledge and experience to our discussion.

Jason can be found on twitter @jabenedicic and his soon to be launched blog http://www.thedatacentrebrit.co.uk/

You can find the first episode of the IT Avengers panel right here IT Avengers Assemble – Part One – Ep38

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