My life as a 12 year old software developer – Joshua Lowe – Ep9

A couple of months ago, I was at a Tech User Group event and one of the presentations was intriguingly called “my life as a 12 year old software developer”. I assumed that this was someone with 12 years of experience, what I hadn’t expected was that our presenter was indeed just 12!

Josh, better known to the tech community on twitter as @all_about_code is a smart young man, very passionate about developing and coding, but not just about writing bits of code for games, or entertainment projects, what is really impressive is his passion for developing solutions to problems that he has seen in his own day to day world.

When I chatted with Josh, we talked about his fascinating EduPython project, where Josh is trying to provide a better toolkit for young students (from 7 years old and upwards) to learn how to code and develop software solutions.

I chatted with Josh a couple of months ago but thought i’d leave this interview as a little Pre-Christmas treat and couldn’t think of a better chat for the last podcast of 2016.

So tuck in, like it was your Christmas Dinner and enjoy!!

If you’d like to know more about Josh and his work, then you can find his website here.

TechStringy interviews are heading off on their Christmas break now, but they’ll be back in the new year and I already have some great shows lined up.

We’ll be chatting about the power of tech community on IT careers with the Tech Community superstar that is Amy Lewis (@commsninja), the importance of data management with Rich Wallace of @CatalogicSW and getting an outsiders view of the IT industry from technology journalist at CRN Hannah Breeze (@HKBreeze).

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Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and all the very best for the New Year.

See you in 2017.


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The Data Privacy Challenge – Sheila Fitzpatrick – Ep8

The security of our data is a significant challenge for us all, as individuals and as organisations, big or small, keeping our data secure and maintaining privacy is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

In this episode, global data privacy expert Sheila Fitzpatrick joins me, Sheila is data privacy officer for global storage giant NetApp. Her job is not to sell NetApp solutions, her role is to ensure they comply with global data privacy legislation.

In our chat, we discuss the difference between privacy and security, is the data security challenge a myth?, the impact of GDPR and how to start building robust data privacy solutions.

Sheila is an attorney and renowned global expert in her field. She is truly passionate about the topic of privacy and shares some fantastic tips.

So dive in and enjoy the episode.

if you’d like more information from Sheila you can follow her on LinkedIn and also on twitter @sheilafitzp

I also had the pleasure while at NetApp Insight to interview Sheila for NetApp’s own event coverage, you can find that brief interview here.

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode, next week, I’m chatting software developer careers with Joshua Lowe as he tells me about his already exciting progress as a developer, oh and did I mention he is only 12!

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Viva Las VVOL’s

In this episode I’m joined by Pete Flecha, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware, as we discuss VVOL’s. VMware’s new approach to delivering storage to virtual WP_20161116_12_44_06_Rich_LI.jpginfrastructures. VVOL’s look to address many of the problems traditional SAN based storage presents to Virtual infrastructures. Pete provides an intro to the problems VVOL’s look to address, how they go about it and what we can expect from the recent vSphere 6.5 release that brings us VVOL’s v2.0.

Although I’m not a VVOL expert I find what VMware are looking to do here really interesting as they look to tackle one of the key issues that IT leaders constantly look to address. How  to reduce the complexity of their environments so they can react quicker to new demands from their business.

VVOL’s allows for the complexity of any underlying storage infrastructure to be hidden from the virtualisation administrators, giving those managing and deploying applications, servers and services a uniformity of experience, so they can focus on quickly deploying their infrastructure resources.

As we all strive to ensure our IT infrastructures meet the ever changing needs and demands of our organisations, anything that simplifies, automates and ensures consistency across our environments is, in my opinion, a good thing.

It certainly seems that VVOL’s are a strong step in that direction.

In this episode Pete provides a brilliant taster of what VVOL’s are designed to do and the challenges they meet. I hope you enjoy it.

If you want more VVOL details Pete is the host of VMware’s fantastic vSpeaking podcast and last week they had an episode dedicated to VVOLS’s you can pick that up here.

vSpeaking Podcast ep:32 VVOLs 2.0

You can find all the other episodes of the vSpeaking podcast here

You can keep up with Pete and the excellent work he’s doing at VMware by following him on twitter @vpedroarrow

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