Veeam, more than a backup?

In this episode I speak to Micheal Cade of Veeam. We discuss whether Veeam are more than a "virtualisation backup company"?, what's new and interesting in the data protection industry?  and how public cloud providers are providing new an interesting methods for protecting our data. There is also a bonus, thanks to the NetApp TechONTAP … Continue reading Veeam, more than a backup?


Insights from the storage industry?

Last week I was away in Berlin at NetApp's Insight conference (See what I did with the title there!) always an enjoyable event with good information, company, food and the occasional large German beer. That aside, I do try to attend a handful of these types of events a year as a part of my job. How … Continue reading Insights from the storage industry?

TechStringy Interview – Tech Conferences, are they worth it?

I've just come back from NetApp's Insight technical conference in Berlin, and like many in the IT industry I get invited to lots of these events. I'm sure we all do and some of them we attend some we don't. Attending a conference though begs the question; Are they worth attending at all? I think that's a fair … Continue reading TechStringy Interview – Tech Conferences, are they worth it?