Storageless data, really? – Doug Fallstrom – Ep156

Listen to the show. Watch the show. Data is everywhere and part of every strategic business conversation how do we use it better? How do get more value from it? How do we truly make it a business asset? The answers to those questions are driving a whole new way of thinking in the … Continue reading Storageless data, really? – Doug Fallstrom – Ep156

Modernising your Cybersecurity Playbook

A few weeks back I was asked by cybersecurity vendor Acronis to present at their "Modernising your Cybersecurity Playbook" event (You can still catch the on-demand recording here). Perhaps, like me, when you hear playbook you think of sport, which got me wondering, how can I work a sports analogy into Cyber Security!? The answer … Continue reading Modernising your Cybersecurity Playbook

Why Why DDI? – Andrew Wertkin- Ep155

Watch the show here. Listen to the show here. The IT landscape is changing extremely quickly as we embrace new ways of working, new technologies, adopt the cloud and have ever more distributed workforces, all demanding increased access to our services and data. These changes are being embraced by modern business as they see … Continue reading Why Why DDI? – Andrew Wertkin- Ep155